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Strategic Staffing Specialists, Inc

In today’s business environment, versatility is an asset, and temporary employment will expand your resume. It is a great way to test out new fields, gain valuable experience, get your foot in the door, work around your schedule or make some extra money.

A Personal Touchhandshake
At Strategic Staffing Specialists, Inc., we take the time to get to know you. Not satisfied to match only your skills and talents, every applicant is given a personal interview. This gives us the opportunity to discover your likes, dislikes, work preferences and aspirations, allowing us to more accurately determine what type of job would be right for you.

puzzleThe Perfect Fit
We like to think of ourselves as matchmakers. We work hard to match your specific skills and talents to the perfect job. By taking into account your goals and preferences, we can find the job that will fully utilize your potential.

Your Strategic Advantage
Whether you’re looking for flexibility to better suit your lifestyle or are seeking competitive pay and great benefits, find out how Strategic Staffing Services can increase your job prospects! Register with our agency, and we will contact you to schedule an interview, or visit our current job openings page to see our most recent openings.

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